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About us

English academic refers to the study of English language and literature at an advanced level, often within an academic or scholarly context. This includes the analysis of literary works, linguistic structures, and cultural aspects of the English language. Academic courses in English cover a wide range of topics, fostering critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deeper understanding of literature and language.

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M.A. Moniruzzaman
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Monir's English Language Institute

Teaching English has always been a passion for us. This strong liking from inside has enabled us to develop such lucid methods that make English learning as easy as it had never been before. As students in our country always find it very difficult to understand this language, we considered it as our sacred duty to stand up for making their tasks easier. This sense of responsibility was the underlying factor that led to the establishment of Monir’s Since its inception on the 1st September in 2016, it has been successfully rendering this service with the utmost sincerity. As a matter of fact, it has been able to make its name as the leading institute of its kinds within this short span. We now have many students serving various renowned organizations both at home and abroad.

Success from Monir's IELTS in 2023

Success of 2023 is inspiration for 2024

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Best EELTS Result


I highly recommend the IELTS course I took from "monirsielts". Comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance and practical techniques have significantly improved my skills. The practice materials mirrored the actual exam, boosting my confidence. The flexibility of the course made it convenient, ensuring my success in IELTS. test."

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Fatema Rahman IELTS Student

The "monirsielts" spokin English course was transformative. Engaging lessons and practical exercises improved my fluency and pronunciation. The interactive approach and constructive feedback from the instructors fostered a supportive learning environment. I gained confidence in real-life conversations, which makes the course invaluable to anyone looking to improve their spoken English skills."

Fateha Khanum Spoken English

"monirsielts" The IELTS Life Skills course exceeded my expectations. The focused content on practical language skills, coupled with simulated test scenarios, prepared me thoroughly for the exam. The instructor's guidance and personalized feedback enhanced my performance, ensuring I was well-equipped for success in the IELTS Life Skills assessment."

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The IELTS Life Skills Jaber Khan

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Md Moniruzzaman

Managing Director

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Abul Hasan Nobin

IELTS Faculty

Shorif Ahmed

Office Admin

Md Saifullah

Marketing Officer

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