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Course Instructor

Monir Sir

shahjalal university of science and technology Sylhet

What you will learn by doing the course

Details about the course

Being able to speak English fluently is an important skill in this age. Having spoken English skills can help you advance in every stage of life. Acquiring English speaking skills or correct pronunciation of English is very important for studies, career, competitive exams, higher education abroad and even traveling abroad.

There are many people who know English well, but feel reluctant to speak English due to lack of confidence. Ten Minute School brings you the ‘Spoken English at Home’ course to help you improve your English speaking skills and build your English speaking confidence at the same time.

Munzerin Shaheed, who studied at Oxford University, will teach you how to speak English confidently in different real-life situations. The entire course is taught in Bengali language. Most students who have completed this Spoken English course report that the course language is easy to understand and remember.

What students are saying

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Tamanna Akhter Student

"IELTS Crush Program exceeded my expectations. The comprehensive content, expert instructors, and interactive learning environment significantly improved my skills. Regular practice tests, personalized feedback, and a supportive community made the preparation effective and enjoyable. Highly recommended!"

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Jabed Khan Student

"Master the art of effective communication with our spoken course. Designed for all proficiency levels, this comprehensive program hones your verbal skills, boosts confidence, and refines articulation. Join us to embark on a transformative journey, unlocking the full potential of your spoken abilities for personal and professional success."

fatema Akther Student

"Excel in the IELTS exam with our intensive course. Tailored for comprehensive preparation, our program offers strategic guidance, practice tests, and skill-building sessions. Gain confidence, enhance language proficiency, and increase your chances of success. Enroll now for a focused and results-driven IELTS learning experience."

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